About Straight cut gears

The benefits of straight cut gears are:

  • Less wear (Bearings/Shim washers)
  • Less resistance (More power)
  • Better transfer ratio.
  • Less chance of defects.
  • Stronger.

The gears fit Plug&Play in Puch e50 engines (3/4 Bearings) and are available with different clutch bells:

  • Kickstart (With Bearing bush or Needlebearing)
  • Push-start (With Bearing bush or Needlebearing)
  • KTM SX50 (With Bearing bush or Needlebearing)


  • The gears are hardened (Minimal wear)
  • The Main gear is mounted on the axle with a woodruff key.
  • Weight Main gear+-785 gram.
  • The Main gear has 93 teeth.
  • The clutch bell gear has 20 teeth.

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