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Crankshaft High-End +1mm hub Swiing Puch X30/Z50

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Crankshaft High-End +1mm hub Swiing Puch X30/Z50

  • Krukas.
  • High end racing crankshaft.
  • High-quality and accurately fitting full cheek crankshaft weighing 942 grams, which has proven itself in a wide variety of load tests. This was designed for use in engines with a large power increase. All balancing holes in the cheeks were closed with aluminium inserts for maximum pre-compression. The solid connecting rod is equipped with a more stable Ø 16 mm connecting rod pin, which is hollow inside for better balancing. In addition, the connecting rod bearings are silver bearings, which have excellent emergency running properties.

When using this crankshaft, please note the following:

  • The use of a 0.5 mm thick hub plate is essential to compensate for the additional stroke. In addition, we recommend using sealant between the seal and the housing/cylinder. You will also find a suitable sealant in the accessories section.
  • When fitting, pay attention to the distance between piston and cylinder head at TDC. This should not be less than 1 mm.
  • Due to the longer stroke, the pressure in the crankcase increases. Therefore, the ignition-side oil seal should either be glued in place with 2K adhesive or secured with a retaining plate.
  • Running in the crankshaft: Run the engine for 30 min under low load with a slightly richer mixture.
  • When using 45 mm cylinder kits, depending on the model, pre-compressed air may enter the intake port through the holes in the piston on UT.


  • Total length clutch-side cheek pin: 57 mm
  • Total length of ignition side cheek pin: 66 mm
  • Ø 1st shoulder (clutch side): 17 mm
  • Ø 2nd shoulder (clutch side): 15 mm
  • Ø 3rd shoulder (clutch side): 10 mm
  • Thread on clutch side: MF10x1 mm
  • Ø Heel (ignition side): 17 mm
  • Thread on ignition side: MF10x1 mm
  • Ø crank webs: 69.9 mm
  • Width crank webs: 34 mm
  • Ø connecting rod eye top: 15 mm
  • Ø connecting rod pin bottom: 16 mm
  • Connecting rod length: 90 mm
  • Stroke: 44 mm (+1 mm to original shaft)
  • Weight (incl. connecting rod): 942 grammes
  • The needle bearing (12/15 x14.2 mm) is included.
  • The matching bearings and oil seals can be found in the accessories section.

Suitable for:

  • Puch z50.
  • Puch x30.
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