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VDM Racing cylinder set 70cc 6 Port NM (45mm) 17.5mm Dellorto replica Homoet P6 Puch Maxi

SKU: VDM0002
€ 378,95 (including VAT)

VDM Racing cylinder set 70cc 6 Port NM (45mm) 17.5mm Dellorto replica Homoet P6 Puch Maxi

  • VDM Racing cylinder set 70cc 6 Port NM (45mm) with 17.5mm Dellorto replica carburetor and a Homoet P6 Racing exhaust.
  • Fast 6 Port cylinder set!


  • Cylinder capacity:70cc.
  • Bore:45mm.
  • Piston pin:12mm.
  • NM, New model (Model met big cooling ribs)
  • Aluminium, Nicasil wall.
  • VDM Racing.

​Complete set with:

  • 1x 70cc cylinder NM (45mm)
  • 1x 70cc cylinder head NM (High pressure)
  • 1x Homoet P6 Racing exhaust (Choice out of black and blank model)
  • 1x 17.5mm Dellorto replica carburetor.
  • 1x Jet kit 5mm Dellorto original (Sizes 82-87)
  • 1x 18mm Dellorto PHBG manifold (Sideways)
  • 1x Twin Air airfilter.
  • 1x Spark plug NGK BH7S.
  • 1x Piston with piston rings.
  • 1x Piston pin with clips.
  • 4x Studs.
  • 1x Feet gasket.
  • 1x Head gasket.
  • 1x Inlet gasket.
  • 1x Exhaust gasket.

Suitable for:

  • Puch engines.​
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