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VDM disc brake kit complete with EBR front fork hydraulic short 61.5cm

SKU: SH0001
€ 485,00 (including VAT)

VDM disc brake kit complete with EBR front fork hydraulic short 61.5cm

  • VDM Brake disc kit complete with front fork short model.
  • Fits only on Puch 5 star wheels.
  • Top-Qaulity!

Complete set with:

  • 1x EBR front fork hydraulic short (61.5cm)
  • 1x Brake pump, Brake caliper, Brake line 70cm (Not on pressure)
  • 1x VDM wheel hub.
  • 5x wheel hub mounting bolts.
  • 1x VDM brake disc (225mm)
  • 5x brake disc mounting bolts.
  • 1x Wheel axle 12mm.
  • 2x Wheel spacers.
  • 2x Rings and nuts (Self locking)
  • 2x Brake caliper mounting bolts.

*Picture 6 and 7 are example pictures.

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